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In this mystical love story there is just one thing keeping Rebecca and Sebastian apart. She is living and he is dead. Together, they enlist Albert, a widowed college professor who reluctantly allows them the use of his body so that Sebastian can return to physical form and earn his redemption. It seems to be a love affair that cannot last, but the three discover that there is an eternity of wonderment for each of them to look forward to. The only question for this trio — who stays and who goes?

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Michele DeLuca was a young journalist when she was sent to write about a psychic, Carol Ann Liaros, who was teaching blind students how to see colors by feeling the different energy each color emits.
She never forgot the experience and years later, was invited to attend a series of classes the psychic was teaching on intuition and human potential.
What she learned changed her life. It might very well change yours.

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