About Me

I am a journalist for a Western New York daily newspaper, with a fascination for stories about the best of us, including those who inspire, those who work for positive change and those to tend to the bodies, minds and spirits of people in need. 

Since being furloughed due to COVID-19, I’ve had the time to follow a passion for wellness and create an Youtube/Facebook channel called Body-Mind-Spirit TV.

Click here to watch Body-Mind-Spirit TV


In addition, I am the author of two books.

My novel, “Forever More: A Love Story from the Edge of Eternity,” examines the idea of living beyond this life, based on my passion for and research on near death experiences.

The story is an alchemist’s brew of what I have read and heard in thousands of reports from people who have had near death experiences, each story unique but impossibly similar and profoundly life-changing.

As a journalist, my work is based on the stories people tell me and what they believe is their truth. In the newsroom, I collect those accounts and share them as part of the news of the day. But, at the end of the day, I believe the life-changing stories told by those who believe they have come back from the dead are some of the most important news stories to be shared. Such stories tease us with the possibilities of understanding, peace, and give us a reason to hope that there is much more to come. 

My second book is a memoir based on an interview I conducted as a cub reporter with a psychic who was teaching the blind how to “see” colors using their intuition. When I met up with her again years later, she invited me into her classes and I learned I had a few gifts of my own which I hadn’t yet opened. My psychic teacher believes we all have such skills.

Both books are available via links here including “Forever More: A Love Story from the Edge of Eternity”   and “Gifts Yet to Open: My lessons with Renowned Psychic Carol Ann Liaros.”


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